“Ben Cao Bei Yao (Complete Essentials of the Materia Medica)” composed by Wang Ang in 1694 during the Qing Dynasty and “Ben Jing Feng Yuan (Origin of Materia Medica)” composed by Zhang Lu in 1695 have shown that centuries ago, Chinese people have already approved the effect of bird nests and apply them in disease treatment. From then on, from 1757 to 1871, a number of scholars and experts have explained in details in “New Compilation of Materia Medica”, “Ben Cao Qiu Zhen (The truth of Materia Medica)” and “Notes on Compendium of Materia Medica” the benefits of bird´s nest, proving that it is a previous food with treatment effect. Among them, as in “Notes on Compendium of Materia Medica”, bird´s nest has “sweet taste and is mild and calm in nature, greatly boosts internal fluids and lungs, decreases phlegm and stops coughs, nourishes as well as detoxifies. Sacred medicine for treatment of tiredness and weakness”. 

According to an article entitled “A Study of Bird´s Nest” by Professor Jiang Run Xiang and Mr. Guan Pei Sheng in “Ming Pao Monthly Magazine” (1985, issue 231), after thorough study, it was proved that as early as Ming Dynasty (1536), there were written records about bird´s nest in Huang Zhong’s “Hai Yu”. In 1596, Tao Ben Jun as described bird´s nest as luxurious food product in “Minzhonghai Cuoshu (the earliest diction on Marine Biology in China)”. After over 100 years of consumption and clinical testing, finally a number of scholars have approved the medical treatment effect of bird´s nest and instead of just another kind of food, it was considered as a precious nourishing item.

According to Professor Jiang Run Xiang, references from various times in China have proved that bird´s nest heals the lungs and its effect is extremely prominent on terminal tuberculosis, stomach ulcer and coughing out blood, as well as promoting growth in human body.

In recent years, Professor Jiang has been researching and performing repeated tests on bird´s nest. In experiments on cells in-vitro, bird´s nest is discovered to contain mitogenic stimulation factor and Epidermal Growth Factor to stimulate cell growth and reproduction. It also promotes tissue growth in human beings, cell division and boosts cell immunity. These provide scientific evidence to prove that bird´s nest promotes growth, replenishes energy, speeds up recovery of diseases and improves resistance of body against diseases. The bio-active protein molecules possessed the following three properties:

1. Promotes regeneration of epidermal tissues;
2. Improves immunity of the body generated by cells;
3. Improves resistance of the body against X-rays.

Such bio-active protein molecules are readily absorbed by human bodies and differentiate bird´s nest protein from protein in other foods.

At the same time, the report also showed that the mitogenic stimulation factor in bird´s nests stays active around 80°C, but is lost upon boiling. This explained why bird´s nests need to be stewed over water in low heat. Bird´s nest can regulate hormones in human bodies, regulate body mechanism, strengthen the body, nourishes and give youthful complexion. It also provides energy to the body and promotes catabolism of fats.

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