Company’s Commitments, Vision and Mission


To maintain solid, well trained-workers, and well organized system.
To achieve clean and original shape of bird’s nest only.

This achievement is a big challenge at bird’s nest processing.
In most cases, it is hard to produce both clean and good shape bird’s nest, the reason is if you want to produce a clean bird’s nest then it is likely that you will have it out of shape and vise versa.

As we all know that, many bird’s nest in the market is polluted with chemical and bleaching substances. Many Consumer have the wrong concept as they think the whiter the bird’s nest the better it is.

Some will use bleaching because the bird’s nest will become white and easier when cleaning the impurities. There is also some processor bleached the yellowish and grayish color bird’s nest to improve its physical appearance, ignoring the bird’s nest will become unhealthy to consume. The bird’s nest will also lose its original smell which is slightly egg-smell and its aroma turn into chemical smell.

We do guarantee our bird’s nest is free from chemical substances, bleaching and others additive materials. 100% natural handpick.
Our Aim is that our customers are getting high quality of bird’s nest ONLY.